What do you want to know?

How do I place an order? At P&MR we want to keep things as simple as possible so try to make placing an order with us easy – because after all without orders from our fab customers – there’d be no us! So, there are three simple, straight forward steps: First you need to tell […]

Top Ten Direct Mail Tips

Direct Mail (the sending out of printed advertising material) is still one of the most effective ways to get your company’s products and services in front of the people who matter. In such a competitive marketplace, Direct Mail is a fast, simple and cost-effective way of getting your company’s profile noticed by people who have […]

5 Top Tips to Designing a STAND OUT Roller Banner

We’ve all visited a trade exhibition or Expo and been confronted with a sea of roller banners, most of which are poor quality and/or badly designed. But this being said cheap roller banner stands are still a great value way of presenting your company and promoting your product or service – you just have to […]

How to Design the Perfect Pop Up Exhibition Display Stand

Six seconds. That’s how long the average trade show attendee will spend looking at your trade show display before they choose to interact with you, one of your stand staff or walk on to the next exhibit. Since you have such a short time to make an impression, the design of your pop up exhibition […]

Tips to Help You Get the most from Your Vinyl Outdoor Banner

Vinyl Banners are fantastic and versatile they’re used everywhere from trade shows to outside business premises. Because their use is so varied it’s essential to make sure they’re hardwearing and suitable for use again and again so insist on some assurances from your outdoor banner printer. When it comes to designing a banner for your […]

Data – The Single Most Important Key to Developing Your Business!

I think most of us would agree that times are tough. The continued uncertainty surrounding the economy is arguably more damaging than the recent recession itself. We know what a recession is because we’ve seen one before. The uncertainty on the other hand is a different beast. There is no way of knowing what to […]

3 Easy Steps for Hotels & Restaurants to Get More Customers

Get Your Customers Flocking Back To Your Hotel Or Restaurant & Bringing Their Friends Here are 3 easy steps to encourage your customers to come back – when you want them to: 1. The Capture If you are not already doing it – make sure you start capturing the names and addresses of all your […]

A Guide to Direct Mail Marketing

With the rise of email and other forms of digital communication you may have thought that direct mail marketing campaigns were on the way out. But recent surveys have shown that prospective customers are still most happy receiving contact from businesses through the post than by any other method. In order to generate sales leads […]

Direct Mail is NOT Dead!

Direct mail is one of the oldest marketing methods. Back in the day, people would groan about how much junk mail they received. Today, they groan about how much junk e-mail they receive. The switch from direct mail to email happened when the Internet came to town, offering lower costs and a seemingly more effective […]

7 Simple Steps to Designing an Effective Leaflet

Leaflets can be one of the most effective marketing techniques but the success of this type of marketing depends primarily on the leaflet design and print. A leaflet must grab the recipient’s attention, make them interested in the product or service, and finally induce some action, whether that’s phoning a number, visiting a website, or […]