Print, how much will it cost and how long will it take?

Well, Fredmy fine and loyal friendone of the things I commonly get asked is “what’s the price and how long will it take?”. So, I have been thinking about the best way to answer these questions… Unfortunately, there is no straight forward or easy answer to either of these questions because it depends on several […]

6 Simple Proven Steps To Low Cost Printing

Low Cost Printing

The first thing to say is that low cost doesn’t mean cheap and cheerful! It is often said that you get what you pay for and in most instances that is true. but there are ways and means of get more or better value from your purchasing and that is what we will be concentrating […]

Tips For Designing The Perfect Leaflet

Leaflet Design

Most businesses fail to attract people because they may be using the wrong marketing strategies. Even when they do, they are not so sure how to use these strategies to attract prospective clients’ attention. Leaflets are a cheap and easy way to spread the word about your business. Countless ideas for leaflet design exist.  Leaflets […]

Print Finishing Options: 5 Great Options for Business Card Finishes

Business cards Newcastle

They say the first appearance leaves lasting impressions. Now, look at your business card. What impression is it likely to leave on a potential client? What information the card has is essential, but what’s expected to get anyone to stop and focus on your card is its appearance. With a near endless list of print […]

Top Tips to Optimize Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

direct mail marketing strategy

With social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram gaining immense popularity, it’s quite easy to see why advertising is now focused more on social media and other newer platforms. But as effective as this may be, sometimes, the good old direct mail marketing strategy hasn’t yet lost its place. But wait, there’s a catch. It […]


From the HQ Well Fred my fine and loyal friend I had a nightmare the other night and I woke with a start thinking about something that I think is… SHOCKING NEWS!! Do we all realise that we are not constantly at the forefront of our customers mind – whaat!? So, I got to thinking […]

Good Design Matters

From the HQ Well Fred my fine and loyal friend the thing that has been bugging me is that although some people want and are happy to pay to have something printed, they can forget that… Good Design Matters Here at Print and Mail Runner we believe in great design, but sadly sometimes design is […]

The Single Most Important Key to Developing Your Business!

From the HQ Well Fred my fine and loyal friend the thing that has been keeping me awake at night is the survival and ultimately growth of businesses and the economy once this horrid situation is over and I have been thinking about… The Single Most Important Key to Developing Your Business! I think most […]

Direct Mail is NOT dead!

Direct Mail Marketing

From the HQ Well Fred my fine and loyal friend the thing I have been chewing over recently is the fact that because we are currently being bombarded by digital marketing, as more and more of it moves online, I have come to the conclusion that…. Direct Mail is NOT dead! Here’s the thing – […]

7 Ideas to make Your Business Card banging

From the HQ Well, Fred my fine friend the thing that I have been considering is what makes the difference between a good Business Card and a GREAT one and I have come up with the following… 7 Ideas to make Your Business Card banging!! Having an effective business card is not as simple as […]