Spam is an unsolicited mailing that comes through your letterbox or is sent to your office uninvited. The top Direct Mail companies use lists of people that have opted-in to receive information from certain specified categories of products and services. The great thing about a quality mailing list is that the people on the list have already shown intent towards what you are approaching them with – this is half the battle when trying to sell to new customers.

Direct Mail is a very effective way to attract new customers to your company and Business to Consumer mailing is a huge worldwide industry. However, most Direct Mail companies can offer campaigns that allow you to contact businesses as well. If you are looking to establish relationships with other businesses and expand your client base then a Business to Business campaign could be very worthwhile.

Good Direct Mail companies will be able to provide lists that will allow you to really focus in on your target audience whether this is consumers or businesses – the Private or Public Sector etc. Decide what you need before contacting the Direct Mail companies, get in touch, and see what ideas they have for your campaign.

Yes and no, some Direct Mail companies will allow you to focus in and target very specific geographical areas or customers and do not have a minimum order. Whereas others will only deal in bulk lists – with these companies, we are talking lists of thousands, rather than hundreds of contacts. Before buying your list it is important to establish exactly what you want to achieve, your budget and most important the value of each new customer. Bear in mind that Direct Mail is often most effective in bigger campaigns. You may have to send out 10,000 letters or emails in order to secure 200 responses. This may seem a lot, but if you can turn this interest into 100 new clients the process will have paid for itself many times over.

This depends entirely on what kind of list you are looking for. Be as a specific as possible when requesting the data and the Direct Mailing companies will do their best to match a list to your requirements. It is sometimes possible to request contacts by individual postcodes, or by type and size of business if you are looking for a Business to Business campaign. Many options are available so get in touch with the Mailing houses and see what they have to say.