Why should We Use You?

Print management is an oft-misunderstood and unappreciated field. Here at Print & Mail Runner we know that our services can help to save companies money on their print and mail activities, save time, sustain resources and even reduce their carbon footprints, but it can sometimes take a little time to convince the businesses we approach of this fact. Take a look at five common print management questions we’re frankly tired of hearing – we’ve answered them here so you’ll never have to ask them again!

If you fail in any of these areas, though, you could lose prospects, get your card tossed before making a connection, and hurt your ability to network effectively.

Follow these seven business card rules to make sure your business card supports your brand and performs well for your business.

1: ‘Print management: isn’t that expensive?’

Just like any other service, print management does cost money. However, what some companies fail to appreciate is that the potential savings of print management often far outweigh the costs. By outsourcing your procurement activities we’ll be able to find you the best deals, while our print inspection will help to increase efficiency across the board. Many of our clients save five figures on their annual print bill – that’s more than worth the money to invest in print management.

2: ‘Why can’t we just go paperless?’

The ‘paperless office’ is an impossible dream. Although digital technologies have replaced many of the roles previously fulfilled by ink and paper, there’s no way that all inside and outside print activities can be handled by digital devices. Furthermore, smartphones, tablets and laptops exert a greater negative influence on the environment than sustainably sourced paper – they take power to operate, contain numerous components derived from crude oil-based polymers and are run off heavy metal batteries that are notoriously difficult to dispose of.

3: ‘We’ve been with our current suppliers for years, so won’t they give us the best deals?’

Procurement is one of the most significant areas where a print management company can save you money. Just because you’ve used the same supplier for years and they promise you the best deals does not mean that this is actually the case. We use our unparalleled list of contacts to source you the best deals on all of your print essentials – you’ll doubtless find that you save money by ordering from a number of suppliers rather than sticking with a single established supplier.

4: ‘Paper causes deforestation, so isn’t using paper bad?’

The perceived wisdom is that paper is made from trees, and so using paper causes deforestation. This is not necessarily the case. Print management can help to establish your company’s eco credentials, supplying you with recycled or alternative paper sources if you so wish while reducing your carbon footprint through increased efficiency. If you wish to use high-quality standard paper types, you can rest assured that the paper we supply you with is sustainable. 94% of the paper we use comes from European forests where the forest cover us actually increasing in size by an area four times greater than London every year.

5: ‘Isn’t my company too small for print management?’

No company is too small for print management. While your print marketing campaigns might only be compromised of a few hundred business cards or the occasional batch of flyers and your inside print limited to the odd monthly report, we can still save you time and money while helping you to use your resources more effectively. What’s more, our design studio will help you to improve your outside print activities, making them more effective than ever before.

I hope this proves to be of interest. If you would like to learn more or require further information about the services provided by Print & Mail Runner, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to provide a free no obligation 30 minute consultation and print audit to assess the savings and benefits available to you.

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